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PRO Size - Conditioning Brush Cleaner

Gently cleans and conditions makeup brushes… safe for natural or synthetic bristles. Makeup brushes are your most important tools for perfect makeup applications, but they can also be the biggest culprit in spreading germs and bacteria on your face and your makeup!

Formulated with natural ingredients, Conditioning Brush Cleanser is a super-efficient yet gentle makeup brush cleanser that quickly dissolves all makeup residue while leaving your brushes fresh, clean and soft. The perfect blend of alcohol and emollients ensures your brushes will feel soft & dry within seconds. Conditioning brush cleanser is formulated with natural ingredients and is non-irritating. For day to day cleaning, spray Conditioning Brush Cleanser on brush and swipe the brush over a paper towel. The brush dries in seconds!


Why do I need to sanitize?

Here's the creator of BeautySoClean explaining why sanitization is important